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    Before I run today good piston wash then lean burn ??

    New to me 2001-1100zxi - 5hrs on SBT motor, rebuilt carbs . Premix 40-1. I run it a two times maybe 6 more hrs. I make up a mini mag light on a speaker wire to drop in cylinder the piston wash look like a half of a quater-25cent piece. I'm thinking it's running rich, all is well I run it pretty hard to day it's really waking up nicly. Probaly burnt 2 more galllons than the seadoo 717 running at same pace it's kinda a pig on gas usally.So my other daughter shows up we go 2 up on it, she's running 1/2 3/4 speed mostlyshuts off a couple times I go to reserve thinking it's running low. Finally a piece must go in plug.
    Still see a bit of wash pto & center but now look pretty lean ,center still brown , " probally ragged edge perfect", pto going black less wash.
    Started to burn into mag piston edges, heads dinged up some, rings stayed put don't see any gouging on walls some stuck aluminium.
    Sucks think i should of did fuel pump. Running low of gas wouldn't take out my motor would it.Every thing looked like rich side before plugs , wash, fuel usage ect,.
    I might get away with a hone and piston but need to find culprit.
    Tank holds pressure nicely. Checked to see if there was a vacuum on tank No.
    Filters clean,

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    I have a seadoo gti with a 717 just had motor redone put all new fuel lines and filters and a carb kit in it had about 5 hrs on it and i lost compression in mag piston 60 psi in mag and 115 psi in pto and i set up carb a lil rich not crazy and your piston sounds about like mine what did u figure out!?!?!?

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    Check the oil pump

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    Check the oil pump
    and the oil tank and filter

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