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    96 1100 zxi

    I recently bought a 96 1100 ZXI without any mods or the recall bubble add on. The lake I ride on will mainly have choppy watter with glass in the early morning. The ski bounced around at speed (is this the porpoising I've read about) but continued to lock up with the water. I did notice the chop affected the straight course at speed. A little unnerving. It is unstable with 2 riders. Will a R&D Ride Plate help much? What about the R&D Sponsons? I'm not looking for performance as much as stability. Should I spend the money or enjoy the ski the way it is? Thanks.

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    Does your trim work? I have a 96 900 zxi and it does the porpoising depending on where I have the trim set at and what kind/size waves are out there. My trim does not work so it took several tries to get it adjusted to where the ski liked it. As close to straight out the back as possible seems to be my best spot.

    I'm interested to hear anyone else's opinions too. It definitely isn't the most stable ski with two people, mostly at below plane speed though. Haven't ridden too much with two people but my 95 lb sister almost tipped us the first time she rode on the back.

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    I had a 97 STX 900 did the samething. If I rode 1 up it wouldn`t do it, but if I did 2 up it bounced had to trim it all the way down. That worked till you got to about 40ish and it would start again. I never got the chance to put any mods to fix, because it blew up a month after haveing it.

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    I haven't tried the trim, yet. I've only had it in the water once and went ---> FAST.

    I'm thinking it's meant for 1 adult or 2 smaller people, though. I'll probably keep it stock if the ride plate or sponsons won't help much in chop.

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