On my 99 gp800 I was having issues with it running bad and thought it was gas got it all flushed and refueld and ran it but still seemed weak then lost power and I realized cyl 1 got weak so I pulled the head to find that something happened in the top of the cyl and beat the hell out of the piston and head and put big gouges in the cylinder wall no parts or pieces were found in the manifold or stinger haven't pulled the muffler yet no damage to spark plug at all or in the dome of the head just looks just huge Sharp gouges everywhere have no clue what caused this pv is fine no marks or chips so it wasn't a pv issue nothin in crankcase except for a lol metallilic dust and I can't get the piston outta the jug when it hits the bottom is it possible a ring landing broke and got in the top and caused this any other ideas