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    Need a good place WEST PALM BEACH for some fiberglass work and check up

    I bought myself a 1997 Yamaha Wave Venture 760 monday night. Got it with trailer for a great deal and have been cleaning it and checking over everything since.

    Tonight Im at the back and the corner right between the ride plate and the right drain plug is smashed...probably the size of a lemon is going to need to be repaired. The damage is through the hull cause water comes out if I tilt the trailer up.

    Its there anywhere in the West Palm Beach area that does fiberglass work or can repair it that you guys can recommend?

    Also I want a shop to give the waverunner a "check up" before I take it out and run it.
    Make sure everything is set to go and that the oil injection does work.

    Anywhere I can take it for that, thats not gonna give me the run around and try and milk every penny?

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    daves auto body on northlake blvd in lake park...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Region8Ultra250X View Post
    daves auto body on northlake blvd in lake park...
    He did the paint & repairs on my race seat & GPR hull. I also recently had them do the rear bumper on my wife's Civic after she backed into another car. They do great work at a reasonable price. Ask for Andy.

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    Ok I ended up doing the fiberglassing myself and it came out great!

    But now I def need my carbs cleaned, probably rebuilt... And need the ski tuned.

    It runs ok once it gets going but will bog and die if I give it too much throttle from idle and eventually dies if idling too long.
    Don't know if it had anything going to premix at 40:1

    Oh and ski is 97 wave venture 760

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    I know this is an older thread, and your dine already, but Polymeric Products in West Palm Beach does all the work for Greater Yamaha and Broward Motorsports. That's all they do is fiberglass stuff and they do a great job. If someone needs their number you can googled it and find it.

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