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    What heads inter change 02 1100zxi

    Is the 900 head that looks same /the same. Some Ebay listing show 1100 & 900 same.
    Got a bit pounded piston on mine now.

    Got burned on a seadoo part everyone listed as same that wasn't bolt holes fit not ports or carbs " friggen jacklegs". OOPS rant !

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    Look up the part number on one of the online parts suppliers. Make sure you get the full 9-digit number. (The GH parts lookup only gives the full 9-digit number if you add it to your cart).

    I looked up the heads you asked about and they have different numbers, 110010-3737 & 11001-3738. Don't know what the difference is.

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    Thanks i figured alot guys would know off the top of their heads, i appreciate the effort and input.

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