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    Salt corrosion on throttle body, '04 RXP vs. '03 GTX SC

    Interesting one this... I have an '04 RXP (which has had two engine rebuilds now following valve failures, more on that in a bit), and my friend has an '03 GTX 4Tec SC (185hp). The GTX is bulk standard but I have a few mods on mine (Riva air intake 3" I think, blow off valve, exhaust bypass and Aquavein intake grate). We both ride in the ocean.

    Here's the interesting bit. Despite retro fitting the throttle lube kit my throttle body (the butterfly valve) is always pitted with rust and some creamy looking crap; but his is always spotless. I'm at a loss as to why mine is pitted and his is not. What do you guys think? Perhaps the standard Seadoo intake is shaped a certain way to trap any salt particles and fitting an aftermarket intake is not such a good idea for ocean riding? Might this also be the case why I've had two rear exhaust valves rust and snap?

    On the subject of exhaust valve failures you'll see from my other posts that I had another engine failure in August due to rear cylinder exhaust valve snapping. This resulted in an engine rebuild (cylinder wall bored slightly to remove scoring, no. 3 cylinder head port remade, new pistons, new conn rod and new exhaust valves). I'm now hoping to ski will be good for many years. It's my own fault it went a 2nd time. The first time I replaced the engine with and '04 exchange, which of course still had the older failure prone valves in.

    What do you folks think about the air intake differences and pitted throttle body issue?

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    extend the intake up under the steering to keep water from draining down from around seat.

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    the stock system has the valve cover breather/ TOPS vent, plumbed back into the intake tract, and stays lubed, and much more protected from salt air.

    The Riva 3" intake has a place for the vent hose by the filter, unless you are using a catch can, and its being re routed. The 3" ends in a spot where water can drip on it thru the seat area in heavy surf. It will stay rusty, and dry if your running a catch can, if no catch can, it will get oily, and stay lubed from crank case oil/gasses.

    Anytime it takes a splash of salt water, the IC, and TB will get corroded (it dosen't take much). The longer it sits unused the more corrosion forms, and will eventually sieze the throttle plate shut. You should pull the coupling every so often to lube the TB, or install the lube kit.

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    Hopefull I've now solved this. I've extended the end of the Riva intake by about 30 cms with some air intake hose. Air filter now sits close to the fuel baffle sitting under the handlebars. Will let you know after a few months riding if this has worked. Just need to sort out my oil leak now....

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