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    Killer deal, or what???

    Hi guys,
    I recently found a deal for a 2002, and a 2003 genesis 1, both not running, asking price $1,500.
    I called, and the guy said they both had no spark. I did some reserch on no spark issues, and found Greenhulk!!!, Wow, best forum I've come across bar none! Anyway, I went to look at them, both looked clean & well cared for, both cranked, but no spark. I took a chance, and offered 1,200, offer accepted. Got 'em home and went to work, first order of buisness -new battery, got the '03 to fire! Seems to run & rev fine on a hose. Only thing it needs is a new display. Next order of buisness the '02 - new batt., no fire, checked injector voltage - good, checked fuel pressure - good, pulled plug - not good, looked like water & gunk fouled, and cranking sounded a little slugish. I didn't want to take any chances with water intrusion problems in the crankcase, so I put a little marvel mystery oil in each cyl. and a little down the throat of each throttle body, "blipped" it over a few times, repeated the process till cranking sounded better. Let it sit overnight, cleaned plugs, (yes, you can get a little more life out of fouled plugs if you clean them with starting spray, and let them dry) got spark with plugs removed. After a few rounds of clearing out the oil, it came to life!, only would not rev. Green hulk to the rescue! Found out it needs a throttle position sensor. Swapped it from the '03, and it runs, and revs fine on a hose!... So, what do ya think? Killer deal or what?

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    Definitely!!!!!!!!!!! Nice find!!!!

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    Now ride them like you stole them because that is what you did. Nice find and nice work.

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