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    Unknown POS - Sell for 0.01 Dollars

    Unknown Anti-Cavitation Cone for who knows what. Was advertised by a Junk seller "Powershot" and race supporter has a Anti-Cavitation cone for a Kawasaki Ultra 250-260X. Unfortunately is it not even close. Seller will not answer emails, phone calls or PM's right off the Green Hulk forum. R&D says it fits a Yamaha/FZR/FZS/SHO after sending the the pics and measurements.
    0.01 it's your's
    for 0.05 I'll ship-it for free

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    0.06 cents plus a shipping address. I won't rip you off like I was.

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    Water woody might want it.

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    Just made one cent,Now I don't feel so bad anymore.Only got screwed for $49.99

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