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    Crankshaft Rebuilding

    Hello all. I'm looking to add crankshaft reconditioning to my list of services. Does anyone have info ,pictures, drawings ? On fixturing, measurements and the like , for rebuilding cranks. I have a large press, lots of bearing splitters and various tools. I've seen the RV Tools site but the prices are way high! I work at a machine shop , and make most of my own fixtures and tooling for PWC repair. Any help would be great ,and I'll be glad to return the favor if I can Thanks.

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    pm me your email address, one that can accept a 20meg file, and i'll send you what I have.

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    Thanks psp. Spimothy sent me some files to help out. I agree it probably isn't a large profit thing , I was just thinking maybe if a got a crank in house that had an inner seal or bearing bad I could fix it relatively easy. Trying to keep the costs down for my people. I've had rebuilds from all the usual vendors. But I will say that HOTRODS is the highest quality by far. I'm a dealer for them . Install them in all my higher displacement rebuilds. First one I bought for a 787SD, as I looked at it I noticed it had SKF explorer Bearings on it. Out of curiousity i looked up the bearings. At my cost they were more than the damn crank cost me alone.! Beats the hell out of that chinese crap you see on the big rebuilders cranks!

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    frankly if just the outer bearings need replaced and its for a rec machine, i think its worth the trouble. a hotrod's crank isn't cheap, and might be the difference between somebody getting back on the water and selling off the "parts ski" and quitting the sport.

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