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    Crankshaft Rebuilding

    Hello all. I'm looking to add crankshaft reconditioning to my list of services. Does anyone have info ,pictures, drawings ? On fixturing, measurements and the like , for rebuilding cranks. I have a large press, lots of bearing splitters and various tools. I've seen the RV Tools site but the prices are way high! I work at a machine shop , and make most of my own fixtures and tooling for PWC repair. Any help would be great ,and I'll be glad to return the favor if I can Thanks.

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    In the times that I have had to have a crank repaired, it seems like weeks and even months before they returned..... this was usually because of a seasonal workload.

    I would think that as long as you were not in direct competition with another machine shop (for instance, one that was on the other side of the country) that you could call other machine shops to get this type of info. Of course, you would have to be very careful in how you worded your questions.

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    I have a file on rebuilding the cranks I can send you pm me your email

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