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    2000/2006 Gprxp for sale

    Well life has left me with no choice but to sell my baby. The ski saw the water 3 times this summer. Im asking 11k for the ski with no trailer or 12k with an aluminum Triton double trailer. Any picture you can want to see is in the build thread. The ski was built by Myself, Addicted, And Rab1. If your gonna build a conversion, the 2 names listed after mine are people you would love to have help you. If you have any questions about the ski please feel free to call. The motor has 31 hours on it since a complete rebuild. The crank is the only thing in the motor that wasnt new and it was polished. This ski looks and runs great and its killing me to have to sell it. Heres the list of parts and Im sure I forgot stuff...

    Et140 Extreme LE 3 hours
    Rotax 2011 sc kit
    Seadoo Pump
    15/22 r
    Hydrojunkie pump adapter
    Billet Ted drive shaft for seadoo pump
    Addicted driveshaft for mid shaft
    Addicted blk powder coated mounts
    Blue free flow
    Custom water box
    Modified ride plate
    Skat Kawasaki nozzle with rings 82&84 venturi rings
    Riva 1200 grate
    Pump pressure relief in shoe and brass valves
    Rude valve springs and retainers
    Farrea valves
    Ported head by TG Performance heads
    Rblt oem 31 hour engine (New pistons, rings, rods, bearings, oil pumps, polished crank, oil press reg)
    Begi regulator (not installed)
    An fittings, braided fuel line
    Riva Ecu 8600
    06 electronics & motor
    Bosch 48 lb injectors
    Beerdart rail
    Custom paint
    Blk grab handle
    Lc1 and gauge & db16 gauge sealed
    Walboro 255 lph pump
    Autometer boost gauge
    Riva open loop kit
    4 Inch intake
    Rule 500 Bilge pump

    Theres probably stuff I forgot Ill add it if i remember more....

    Heres the link to the build...

    Inkaddict's 2000/2006 Gprxp build

    Im willing to entertain trades for a car or truck of equal value or cash difference.

    Call me with questions

    732 213 8614

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    ok heres a link that works....

    Inkaddict's 2000/2006 Gprxp build

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