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    2010 RXT-X Reliability and hours????

    Hey everyone. Well was going to try to sell the RXT-X at the end of season and now have decided to keep and it start looking for a second ski. I have never owned 2 skis, but think I will start looking for a good left over 2 seater. My question is, with the RXT-X 260 engine platform, how long will these motors last with regular oil changes and all maint performed. I am planning on keep it stock and I must say, it now has 68hrs on it and is running great. Just wanted a little input from you guys that have been with Seadoo for several years.

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    This question has been asked many times and its hard to give a definitive answer. If you look after and maintain it well and there are no unforeseen catastrophic failures, in stock form there is no reason why it will not go for hundreds of hours. I have heard of some supercharged 4tecs up around the 500 hour mark, and some NA 4tecs well over a 1000 hours.

    Dont know that this helps much, but at 68 hours, you've only got a toddler.

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    i got 169hrs on a 2009 seadoo rxt over 300 horse with lots of mods

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