2011 GTX LTD I/S I/C Anyone needeing repairs that would require the removal of the bolts holding the pump do youself a favor and order the Right hand side fixing plate . The stock one is really a faulty part. The bolts will spin because they were made so cheap. You might get by with a couple of changes but it will get you sooner are later. New plates were on Back Order for a while but they seem to be back in stock now. There was a reason they were on Back Order. Nothing worse than wanting to put on a new impeller and excited about heading to the water and testing it run into an problem like the fixing plate. I doubt very much that the dealers will have the plate in stock. You would be lucky to get it in a week. I am not sure of all the years and models that are affected but I do know 2011 RXTX ,and GTX LTD have the faulty plates.