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    95 SL650 billowing grey smoke when cold

    So I haven't started this thing up in about 5 weeks and I'm taking it along with my other ski to the lake tomorrow. I went ahead and trickle charged the battery up. It always has trouble starting when it's cold and even moreso when it's been sitting for awhile. I just primed it and started it in the garage to make sure everything was ok and it filled my entire garage up with grey smoke in a matter of 10 seconds or so. I noticed before that whenever I have it at the lake it billows out smoke the first 30 seconds it's running or so, but it seems to stop doing that after a minute or two. The compression (last I checked) was 127 in all 3 cylinders - is it normal for this to happen or is it a sign of bad things to come or what? I've only had the ski a few months, but it pretty much does this every time I start it after it hasn't been run in awhile.

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    As long as it runs fine once you warm it up probably not a problem, my 750 does this when its been sitting for a couple weeks, although I get blue smoke, usually because you have to choke or prime it more to get going there is more fuel dumped into the motor than needs to be. compression sounds good for a 650.

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    what brand oil you run can play a role in the amount of smoke also

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    Right now it's mostly pennzoil. I also had the choke the hell out of it to get it started so that could definitely be why it was doing it Usually when this thing has been sitting for a month I have to pump the choke to start it and keep pumping it after it's started for a good 15 seconds to keep it running

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    I run primers instead of chokes in all of my ski's for that reason

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    I think no smoke would be a problem

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