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    stupid question I know but need help

    Hey guys on a 94 waveraider 701 how the heck do you get the bottom piece off the hull? the piece that the drive shaft goes thru. That seal is leaking I think which is making my ski take on water. I took off the ride plate and water grate as well as the bolts that hold it to the hull and the 4 bolts that hold the jet pump on and the 3 bolts that secure the bearing block to the hull inside the engine compartment. I thought after all that I could pull backward on the jet pump and the shaft would slide off the splines. Guess I was wrong.

    What did I miss?

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    nothing... did move the engine forward to also remove the intermediate assembly? they have been known to have the splines in that assembly gall to the pump shaft.. you may need to apply steady pressure to the pump via a pry bar and wood backing and then a soft mallet hitting a 2 x4 end where there is a good amount of metal on the intake ramp of the pump... they can be tight where the pump nose goes into the bulkhead behind the intermediate.. rvt seals this area so it can be a bit of steady work to get it undone...

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