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    A Picture Perfect Day

    I started yesterday stopping at Atlantic Bait and Tackle in Virginia Beach around 0530 to pick up some eels and ice. When I got to the boat ramp at Owls Creek at 0600 there were dozens of kayakers launching for the TKAA fishing tournament, I heard there were a couple hundred entered.
    I departed Rudee Inlet to some good size ocean swells but almost glassy conditions, not too long after I got out it started to rain and continued to do so most of the time I was out. There was no wind but a steady spitting rain. I actually like a rainy day of fishing every now and then if it is calm out. There is something cool about being 15 miles out in the ocean by yourself catching some fish and all you can here is the drag on your line ripping out and the rain hitting the water.
    I managed to catch three small cobia casting live eels at the buoys along CB line, I saw maybe four others, none of them very big. I also stopped at the Chesapeake Light Tower and jigged some to see if there was anything around. I did not get any hits so I cast an eel around the legs and got hooked up with something big that I would guess was an Amberjack. I had him on on for a moment before he headed for structure and broke off. I did this again about thirty minutes later before heading back in around 1230 hrs.
    I took several picture while out today and even managed to get a couple more of the eagle in my front yard. So even though it was a rainy and gloomy day, it was picture perfect to me because I was out on the water doing what I love. I will spend some time cleaning and drying out my camera today. Ha!

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