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    Back on greenhulk =D

    After selling my 02GTI 720 and 00 XP with rossier racing long block.

    I picked my self up a 02 RX DI.

    Has 200 hours but i picked it up for 700.00 with nice trailer.

    Needed top end as the pto cylinder ringland gave out.

    I figured since the rest of the ski was mint i would put some money into this one. Resleeving both cylinders going with oem pistons!

    Ill take some pics soon. But im very excited to experience this “troublesome” DI system.

    I think going with oem slugs on the di motor was my best best since it was either, Wiseco, SBT Or WSM..

    Pics soon!

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    just do the prox pistons and bore it unless the sleeves are damaged (cracks or breaks)

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    PRO x Does not make an DI piston.

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