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Thread: 95 hx question

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    95 hx question

    I just bought a 95 hx and took it to the lake yesterday, I thought it was going to sink when I got on it, I had to have a friend on the dock hold it by the handlebar to keep it from tipping. Decided something was wrong and took it out of the water. Dry as a bone inside the hull. Thought I would check to see if this normal for this model until it is under power, or does it have something wrong. If this is normal can you get back on this ski in deep water. Any information would be greatly appreciated

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    Completely normal. I have always wanted to ride one. I hear they are great once you get going. Deep water boarding is done best by hitting the throttle as you hop on it from the side.

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    good to hear that, I tied it to the dock and it seems to run great, won't get a chance to put it to the test until next week.

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    A local guy here has one. They are fun. He has an 800 motor in his. We hit the buoys with it. You have to get it started and board it from the side. Like a side saddle mount or something. They are fun but take a bit of getting used to. I hurt the first time I rode his. Great for waves. Lots of fun! It will fly for a small craft though.

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