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Thread: Turbo 2 stroke

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    Question Turbo 2 stroke

    Has anyone ever seen a turbo on a 2 stroke ski or actually done it? I've seen pictures floating around of a turbo'd xp/spx 800 but no real info about it.

    Many snowmobiles have the same engine (pretty much) and with a turbo they're absolute beasts so the same setup in a ski would be awesome

    And it IS very possible to do, if you think turboing a 2 stroke engine is impossible then don't even reply

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    Non of the pistons, rods or oiling will stand to that. You would need fuel pump. MUCH larger jets. And even then the squish band would need to be altered to not det..

    But sure go ahead and try it. Let us know ur progress

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    yeah, didn't really think of the internals, if it made any boost then the crank would just fall apart with all the power being put on it.
    I was thinking of running a custom megasquirt system instead of carbs, which is expensive but needed.
    With a custom exhaust system, very small turbo (only 5-7psi would make much much more hp) bulletproof internals and megasquirt system its possible, but too expensive and time consuming for me to make it all work right, it would be fun to put a turbo on my 587 gts though

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    It can be done, but, having said that, you would be looking at alot of time, money and fab and may be better off buying a faster ski.

    You would have to fing a way to develop oil pressure for the turbo. no 2 strokes have an oil system, so thats the first hurdle. Aerodyne style turbos are still around, but stupid expensive. if the motor uses reeds, they will constantly be blown open.
    a direct injection two stroke may work easier.
    all in all, I have turbo'd lots of motors in 20 years, but never a two stroke. I would think if you could get the port timing correct to compensate for positive pressure, instead of scavnging, it would be a rediculous motor.

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    seriously not worth the effort. If you want to go fast in a straight line, buy a 3 cylinder 2T or a four stroke.

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