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    fx ho ecu differences between years?

    is there any differences between fx ho ecu's? or any difference between a fx140 and a fx140 ho ecu? I know the 05 and up have a remote module wired in the harness but will the ecu run without it?

    also anyone know what year fx ecu's have or don't have the idle bypass motor?

    basically im looking for a fx ecu that runs the individual coils, and spins the 10,500 rpm redline. also one that runs without the remote transponder. just need to know what years to look at. also if a jetboat ecu will work? would asume a ar230 ho ecu would do fine.

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    anyone know if the 04 fx ho ecu will work without the remote control transponder unit? also any timing and or fuel map differences from an 04 - 05+ fxho?

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