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    bad display for 04 STX-12f?

    Am working on an 04 STX-12f I picked up. Got it running and took it out this weekend to blow the dust and gunk out of it - good news... it ran well (or as well as it can). I did, though, notice that the display was a bit erratic... worked well... then stopped (showing odd characters)... then started. Before I rode it, the weather had been rainy and it did get wet for a couple of days.

    Pulled it out of the water to flush it... worked... then stopped again... and noticed once I killed motor (and turned off the "off" switch) I heard a faint beaping coming from the console (almost like a cry for help)...

    So, with that said.... is the display likely going out... or something else???


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    Yes, that's the sign of the meter going out. The circuit board of the meter is corroded and shorting out due to water intrusion. There would be a fine cracked line at the seam of the plastic housing on the back side of the meter. You should disconnect the battery cables since the bad meter will drain it, when not riding the ski. You need a new meter.

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    Try warming it with a hair dryer to see if you can get it dried out.

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