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    xlt1200 fxho mr-1 conversion

    finally getin around to posting pictures. not going to be a very fast conversion as i still have to buy more parts and still have to build my motor.
    2 years ago i bought from my boss a core 02 fx140 motor. tore it down and head was soo badly corroded that it is not usable. also cylinders were pitted around the top where the plating or the oem steel liner stops. pistons were toast also. guess engine sat with water in the cylinders for close to 2 years. unbelievably the bottom end was perfect.

    with that said ive always loved the xlt1200's looks. good handling hull also. just hate the 1200 that comes in them. work on ski's daily and 1200's have been called boomerang boats at my shop now. fix them, let them go and wait till they come back blown up.

    since at work we get a fare share of ski's that we purchase for parts if the customer doesn't want to fix it. ive sourced most of the parts i need for this conversion.

    ill be sending out my cases/ cylinders to be bored from the stock 02 fx 74mm to the fxho 76mm's. taking my engine from 998cc's to the fx ho's 1052cc's. Melinium plating will be doing the boring, plating, and finish honing. Will be running either je or wiseco forged pistons in 12:1 compression ratio. Will also be running either crower or carillo rods from the r1 sportbike or apex rx-1 snowmobile aftermarket. Aftermarket valves, springs, and titanium retainers will make their way into the head from kibble white precision machining.
    Kibblewhite Precision Machining: Precision Valvetrain Components & Valve Blanks

    fx ho cams will replace the stock fx140 cams i have. throttle bodies are being bored out to 42mm from the stock 39mm. riva velocity stacks will make their way on the throttle bodies. head is from a vx110 and will be getting all new parts and a 5 angle serdi valve job. head will be assembled and shimmed by tim at z force motorsports.
    Z Force Motorsports

    so far ive got the hull stripped down getting ready for paint. motor is in mocked up checking for fitment and clearance issues. I cut out the stbd stringer for the lower manifold clearance. Fx midbearing and coupler has been mounted. Cut out a section of the midwall for access to the rear of the oil tank. I added some extra air inlet vents. one where the oil filler used to be. will be adding another under the seat opposite where the stock one is. Ive fit the fx guage cluster not too pleased with it but ill have to change it. Ive installed the fx throttle cable. and now working on fitting the sho transom plate and routing the water lines.
    now the pics. will post more as i go.
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    Looking good keep up the good work

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    sweet, keep us posted with updates. good luck.

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    are you i miami?

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    nope, located in brevard county. palm bay

    quickly running out of the free things to do. hull is almost completely stripped and ready for paint. i really need to take some pics but forget to.
    some dissapointing news though. wiseco only has shelf stock pistons for the r1, and the rx-1 snowmobile in +1mm overbore which would be 75mm. I need pistons in 76mm. for them to make me the same exact piston but in +2mm overbore equaling 76mm there is a min 8 quantity. and at 130$ a piston thats prety steep. and id have to find someone else who would be interested in the other 4 for me to get them. but there is always je. they have a set of stock pistons in +2mm overbore, problem is they are 13:1 compression ratio. id still have to have the dome machined to bring them down to 12:1 that i want.

    also melinium plating quoted me 650$ to bore my fx140 block which is 74mm to 76mm, replate the cylinders, and hone to my pistons. but like any engine build i have to have my pistons first to be able to send with the cylinders/ case to be bored plated and honed. grrr.

    this last week we got in 2 vx110's that were not worth fixing. we ended up buying them from the customer. that said i got the pump stator i was looking for, a harness to make work in my ski, a set of coils, valve cover, and head to send out to be built. also got a fuel sender. not much worth using from a vx.

    still need a fx or fx ho gas tank, sho transom plate, and an fx ho driveshaft.

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    few more pics. almost all stripped down getting ready for paint, still have to drill a couple more holes for water outlets, still have to sand down the inner liner where cut for lower manifold clearance and seal the stringer back up.

    couple pics showing the cut i made to the upper section of the midwall for access to the back of the oil tank and drive coupler. electronics will be mounted elsewhere so no need for it to be there. will make maintaining the engine a lot easier as well as installation.

    motor is in my living room mocked up working on the harness. its a vx harness that im repinning for a 04+ fx ho ecu. allows me to mount the ecu up front in the ski instead of behind the engine in the e box.
    got my cluster in the best it would fit in the hull with the upper cowlings off. put the cowlings back on and its off center and crooked. definately going to change this as it looks hacked.

    in one pic there is how much had to be cut out of stbd stringer fro lower manifold and coolant hose clearance.

    to get rid of the hole in the side of the ski where the oil fill was at i put another air inlet vent in its place. should work out good to get more air into the ski.

    im still contemplating colors. definately going with a black bottom. either silver or gunmetal top deck, and either yamaha blue or the new corvette and camarro bluish teal color on the upper fairings.

    or black bottom, gunmetal top deck, and silver upper cowlings.

    and lastly is black bottom, silver upper deck and gunmetal upper cowlings.
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    lookin at the back of this ski, and already wanting to do a rear exhaust setup. there is not one flat spot. that and this ski kind of being sort of a classy ski im thinking it needs dual exhaust outlets. tryin out different ideas to try to do a european style exhaust outlet that matches the transom well. most likely will be shaped stainless plates with the exhaust tube welded to them, blended and polished. just trying to avoid the dreaded drone that most complain about when using a free flow exhaust and gutted type waterbox on a 4 stroke ski. i still think it needs dual shaped rear exhaust outlets. like the way most sport luxury cars look now days. not just a round riva exhaust exit. just doesn't seem fitting for this ski.

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    just one thing what are the conditions of the props that came on these vx,s that you just got? i need one to try, i when out today with a new 14/20 out of the box and let me tell you, this freaking engine has so much power that it really amazes feels like you are burning rubber in a mustang all the way ,its not cavitation , it happen at full can feel it.rpms are max all the time.
    Riva calls for 18/22 ,and solas site too.
    im going to sell the new 14/20 since its no good to me at all. im going to try a new true 14/21 that i got from inpros,i know its going to be also small,but i want to see if there is any difference with this prop,witch i know its a true 14/21.

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    so while doing my wiring im still looking for an ecu. lookin for an 04 fx ho ecu or a ar230 ho jetboat ecu. looking at all the bs wiring for the reciever module and steering switch and want to remove it from the harness and not have to install the steering sensor in the ski because might be going umi setup later.

    wondering if the 04 fx ho ecu can be run without the reciever module. if not guess its a jet boat ecu that will have to do.
    if anyone who is reading this has one or knows of one im interested.

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    just to keep up with you,when out today again,this time with the pump shoe seal and intake grate just in case ,and its still the same way, it spend that 14/20 so badly,that i feels like im ridding a a mention before ,that was a new 14/20 out of the box,Friday i will be testing a impros 14/21 so this time im sure what I've got in it. ill keep you posted.
    im more than sure its going to take at list 15/22. but will see.

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