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    Anchoring your jet ski

    I use my 2005 STX-12F for fishing and anchor it once the fish finder tells me to.
    The question I have is what would cause the jet ski to not start or be really hard to start after being anchored for a while? Any thoughts? I do have the muffler by-pass from Riva.

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    No. I anchor mine every time I stop for lunch, gas, or just take a break.

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    It's highly unlikely that anchoring is causing your issue.

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    I frequently leave mine in the water overnight, "anchored". No issue with hard starts.

    Not sure what is going on? How "hard"?

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    bad battery? are you using any instruments off the battery that might drain it while anchored?

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    Thanks for the replys guys.
    The worst was it wouldn't start and had to be towed. The other time it started but seemed like it was running rought then it cleaned out.
    The battery is new this season and runs onlt the ski, my fish finder has it's own battery.
    I spoke with a mechanic here in town and he said that Kawasaki has an issue where the waterbox fills up and with the exhaust being hot causes steam to build up on the spark plugs. He showed me a part that Kawasaki put out that looks like a honeycomb that prevents this but also drags some power away?

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    Rear, I thought about tieing to the front and also using a heavy duty bungie to help with the jaring waves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan Z. View Post
    Kawasaki put out that looks like a honeycomb that prevents this
    Yes, that is for Ultra 250/260/300 exh system to resolve the same hard starting issue.

    On your 12F, pull out the plugs and inspect for any rust/corrosion. If there is any, what your mechanic told you is probably correct. In that case, before you shut off the engine and anchor, blip the throtte 2-3 times really quick in reverse (so that ski doesn't lurch forward).

    If there is no such evidence on the plugs, carry an extra water temp sensor on the ski. If hard starting happens, disconnect the original sensor's connector and connect the spare one. Then try starting the engine. Once engine starts, reconnect the original.

    Report back how it goes!

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    I changed the plugs to and they showed no signs of being wet. I'll pick up a water temp sensor and keep that with me. I'm going to do the blip as well, if weather permits I'll test this weekend and let you guy's know how it goes.

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    Makes total sence. Love the Avatar by the way the cat looks thrilled to be part of the picture.

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