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    Taking out drive shaft with a worn out thread

    I have a 2010 Gti 130. The thread on the drive shaft has given way (the one that goes into the impeller). I usually use the special tool to turn it. Now that i cant get a grip on it, how do loosen the drive shaft...?

    Ps - Make sure the rubber boot which seals your shaft to the impeller is OK. When mine broke, sea water went in and the metal on the drive shaft gave way..! Just a reminder to all GH members...!

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    lock the crank

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    Here's what you do...... As I just did this on a members ski tonight a Jet Ski Jesus' House...... You WILL need two people for this..

    1. Remove the intake grate and pump.
    2. Get a large pipe wrench and get it as tight as you can around the drive shaft. Tighten it with channel locks or whatever you can get into the pump tunnel.
    3. Take a crescent wrench and a 3-4 foot breaker bar and place it on the end of the crescent wrench.

    You need to ONLY move the crescent wrench in the COUNTER CLOCKWISE DIRECTION or towards the LEFT side of the ski.

    Once it breaks loose, continue turning the nut and REMOVE the pipe wrench from the drive shaft in the pump tunnel. After 7-8 complete turns of the nut, the drive shaft will be ready to slide out. While you are turning the nut, the other person needs to turn the shaft CLOCKWISE or towards the RIGHT side of the ski....... The shaft will eventually pull out through the pump tunnel and out through the pump shoe. It is small, but it has a little weight to it. Good luck. If you have any other questions, let me know. ...

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    Finally got it done...!!! a mechanic suggested i go to the hardware shop and buy a head Size 19, but not the ones with the 6 sided hexagon thingy. I bought the ones with smaller groves...! Bangged it into the driveshaft. And turned it clockwise...!!!! and out it goes...!!!!

    THanks guys...!!!!!

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