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    GPR1200 N/S and jets

    Hi guys just chasing some info on N/S and jet sizes for an aussie GPR1200. I have a 2000 mod ski and I'm rebuilding the carbs and i have some 1.5 N/S, will these be ok ? and if so, what pop off pressure? (ski is stock)
    Also i'm a bit confused as to the jet sizes on a standard ski, it seems that the US ski's have considerably smaller main jets - the recommended size after adding flame arresters is 110 on the low and 120 on the mains.
    As you are probably aware the Aussie ski's come stock with 92.5 low and 135 mains, whats the story??

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    use the search feature, many post on this, also oside bill would be the guy to talk to, he is the resident carb god, but do your homework first & welcome to the forum

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    The motors are the same so run the 110 and 120s with aftermarket F/A's, the jetting difference was for the OEM arrestors. use 95 gram springs with the 1.5 pop-off at 43PSI

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    Thanks Cuda and Bill.

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    Bill, I used the "formula" jetting last time I did carbs and was pleased overall (especially with starting). But I seem to have a slight stumble when breaking plan and it is more pronounced if I've been in no wake for a while but it doesn't seem to be fouling plugs. Is that a low speed screw (1 turn) adjustment? It is not bad enought to make me chase after it right now, but would next time pipe is off. Also, can I run the 13/19 prop on the xl1200ltd to get my ski to go just a touch faster. I would love to say it can top 60 gps routinely. Which would probably make the dream meter top 70. Thanks for you imput.

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