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    Restoration - Sl650 Engine going back in

    Good Afternoon to all! I am re-doing my '93 fuji 650.

    1. I have read most of the threads on this forum in the process. I have noticed that some threads explain how to replace the stator while the engine is in the hull and they include pics that make it look pretty easy thru the gastank area. However, mine has a 6" high cross brace in the hull just forward of the engine. Have they removed that brace?

    2. As most of you know, the manual says that when removing the engine, the exhaust pipe must be disconnected and moved to the rear slightly (actually that means forward in the hull) to disconnect the exhaust manifold. It took me almost 2 hours to get the exhaust pipe in a position to get to the manifold bolts and eventually get them out! Has anyone ever tried bolting them back on (with the engine out), leaving the carbs off, lowering the engine into the hull with the pipe side tilted down and then leveling it out to get the plate onto the mounts? It's so much easier to get the carbs on with the engine installed than the pipe and manifold!!! The brace that I mentioned earlier in the thread makes it almost impossible to position the pipe in a way to get a socket onto 2 of the manifold bolts.

    Thanx for any comments

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    The 92 and 93 SL had an extra brace than the later years which made them more difficult to service. I don't know if you can service the stator inside your boat?

    If you're pulling the engine out though, no need to worry about that.

    Honestly, I have removed the engine with the exh manifold AND carburetors installed. A little wiggle and a jiggle, and out it goes. Would be nice to have a helping hand when doing this, but not totally necessary. (I've never had anyone help me yet)

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    I have a 95 sl 650 and no brace. Can you remove your brace and reinstall or is it molded into the body? You never did say what is wrong with the engine and what you are planning to do to it. Are you trying to remove the current 650 engine from the ski? Are you adding a 650 engine to this ski that came from another ski? Sorry I am confused with your post. You may require to cut the brace out of your way and reinstall with a home made connection braket and bolts/locknuts.

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    92 and 93 models had an additional brace built into the hull just in front of the engine making it a real pain to access the front of the motor.

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