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    2009 Ultra260X Bogging Down (22 hours)

    Hello all...I have a 2009 260x that randomly bogs down, it has 22 hours on it. I bought it used with 8 hours on it, and a few times in the past it bogged down occassionaly just for a few minutes here and there, now it is pretty obvious it is an issue that needs resolved. While climbing under it to see if I could see anything, I noticed the prop area has been apart, I guess the prop was changed....I have asked the guy I bought it from what was done, no reply yet. He told me nothing about anything being fixed, just that he never used it. He said he replaced the plugs and changed the oil and filter. Any ideas what I can check?

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    I also noticed the speedometer is occassional, some times works, sometimes doesn't, but even when it works the engine will bog down.

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    Check if there is oil in airbox vent tube, check if plugs are fouled, check oil level, is oil thin or overfull, check if intercooler is fouled. Was 10 hr dealer inspection and oil change performed?

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    I did notice oil in the airbox tube last night. I bought it with 8 hours on it from an individual. He changed the oil, filter and plugs. He used royal purple synthetic. Oil appears good, not overly thin. How do I check the intercooler for being fouled? I have not brought it to the dealer, as I always do my own service, however, this is my first jetski, so a bit of learning to do. I now have 22 hours on it.

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    Did a little more reading on the intercooler. For some reason all my searches for my issue I did not tie the two together. The guy I bought the ski from appeared to be a fanatic on service; my bet is the oil level was too high. Heck, at 8 hours he even greased the trailer bearings....I am going to focus on cleaning the inter cooler and will let you know…has anyone tried the soap and water trick mentioned on the forum? Or would I be better off pulling it out and cleaning with degreaser?

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    You have to remove ic from ski to do it right. Soap and water alone are not enough for me. I use solvent first, like contact cleaner, then soap and hot water. Remove air hose to ic and peer inside throat using angled mirror. You can see if ic is fouled before you remove unit. Look for the mocha sludge.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just got home, the oil level is way high, guess I should have checked that..on the image where the screwdriver is is how high it is......also the tube from the airbox was full of oil. Will peer inside after dinner and see what I there any chance I can put the oil to the correct level and it will work its way out?

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    level the ski with a bubble level, and suck the oil out through the dipstick tube until it reads about 1/2 way between full and low, you will have to check a few times as it will take awhile to settle, all else fails suck it all out with the nose of the ski down and start again. 3.8 to 3.9lt in meteric system should do the trick im guessing you have around 5ltrs in there. then i would pull the i/c and clean it out it will be all settled on the bottom

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    Any tricks on removing the i/ c that I need to be aware of? BTW, thanks for the assistance here!

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    remove seat tray, remove catchcan, remove bypass valve, remove hose to bov, remove i/c to s/c hose, loosen all hose clamps, remove 2 bottom i/c mount bolts, pry off water hoses, unclip air temp sensor careful with the wires in the plug, slide intercooler to the rear and lift up, remove r/h side water hose, fill i/c with solvent and slosh it around till all is clean, wash it out with hot soap and water, stand on the end to dry , can speed up the drying by blowing air through it with a garden type blower or try andn air compressor. refit all in reverse and tripple check all hose clamps as thats what everyone seems to forget and then suffer boost leaks.
    good info here i suggest you take the time and read every page
    no need to split it open as suggested though

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