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    650 starts then dies - here is what I have done

    I bought an old Kawasaki ski with a 650. I hooked up an auxiliary tank and fired it up. VAROOM!!
    It started and went into WOT; which I presume was a lean runaway. Scared the crap out of me. I pulled the key and it still was running WOT. I pinched the fuel line and it sputtered and died. After regaining my composure, I checked compression and it was 130 both cylinders.
    I stripped the carb, boiled it out, used compressed air to blow out everything. All parts looked good so I reassembled it and started the ski again. Now it will start, but wonít stay running unless I keep spraying fuel in carb. I disconnected fuel line and the fuel pump is pumping fine.
    Is it possible I got a part in backwards in the carb? Maybe the diaphragm in backwards? I did notice that the needle spring was very strong, could this be a problem? Something plugged up?
    I need some ideas to try.

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    Never mind

    Never mind, I fixed it.

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