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    Anyone buy from cafepress?

    It's a custom shirt thisng. These shirts are outright hilarious, especially the jersey shore "shirt before the shirt" one.... or shirt on a shirt or whatever. But since it is custom you can't return it. Are they outright junk? Im assuming they are just hanes shirt, but what about the screen prints? It's a big site... anyone?

    www.cafepress .com/cafecustoms

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    We have a store on their site for our BBQ team. We have ordered shirts from them and they are nice. They have held up well. We also ordered our banner from them and it came out great. They turn the stuff around real fast too.

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    I've ordered from them. They're kinda pricey, but the shirts were good quality.

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    I've ordered from them a few times.
    Always a quality shirt and good, clean grafix.
    I would do business with them again, even at their higher pricing.

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