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    Is an Educated Consumer a Better Customer?

    Hey Guys - I am brand-spanking new to your GH Forum, but not new to the sport or Kawasaki's in general.

    I would come over here and "snoop" around in the past at some of the issues with the earlier designs of the 4-Stroke SC skis, and say, "not yet". Namely due to GIO, and cracked heads, and pump bearings, and the Yamaha guys being "pitched" at speeds and breaking bones, and also the cracking of their Nano-Hulls

    I am thinking that most of the infant design "bugs" may be sorted out by now and I am seriously considering upgrading to a new ski this winter.

    Namely a 4-Stroke SC Machine, as if there was any other choice in the marketplace.

    Being a fan of the Kawasaki product line is what leads me to post here in the Kawasaki Forum rather than elsewhere.

    I REALLY like my Ultra-150. It is a beautiful ski that is always garaged, maintained by me, modded by me and I know this machine very well, as I have owned and worked on it for many years.

    It is still a VERY capable, great handling, nimble machine that is a real blast on the "Fun-Factor" Scale. It is also a relatively fast Kawasaki Ultra - thanks to some proven mods that I followed on the Ultra-150 BB - my best to date has been 70.4 GPS - which is certainly fast enough for me.

    If I had a bigger garage, I would just go out and shop for a new machine and keep the Ultra-150, but that is an unfortunate aspect - at this point in time.

    Anyways, I looked at some of the new skis, and always say to myself they are tooooo BIG, they are wide and bulky and heavy. I guess coming from the ski I currently own, such is certainly an initial observation.

    I have ridden my buddies 1800cc (NA) Yamaha. It was smooth, refined and quiet, yet it did not really "impress" me, and it did not feel very "nimble". It seemed to accelerate well, yet the BIG factor was also rather eminent.

    Hence, the real intent of this inquiry to your forum - is that I am seriously considering upgrading to a SC Kawasaki or SC Yamaha this winter season, and wish to hear from those guys about their experience - please.

    If you have the time, I kindly request that you share your Pros and Cons and if you have any regrets or not?

    I know about getting "beat-up" in the chop and I am getting older each year, hence I try to minimize getting beat-up by seeking smoother water - as that is where my Ultra-150 excells anyways.

    I hate to pin-point to other members, but Chris from NY comes to mind - as I saw his signature and he had an Ultra-150 and now has the Ultra-300, so Chris, if you have a free couple of minutes, and want to share with a die-hard 2-Stroke fan your experience, I kindly request your input.

    OK Guys, thanks in advance for your FB, and I probably won't be a contributor here on this BB *unless* I am "swayed" by some members "convincing" words, cause the 1800cc (NA) Yamaha ride - surely did NOT convince me to dismiss my perfectly working extremely "high ranking" on the Fun-Factor Scale - Kawasaki Jet-Ski.

    Many Thanks!!!


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    It all depends on where and how you ride. If I could get a brand new ultra 150 in the crate with a warranty I'd buy one in a heartbeat, that ski jumped big surf and large boat wakes like nothing else and I REALLY miss it. If it were me I would have a 150 and 300, best of both worlds. But inevitably they blow up and I had put enough money into motors that I had professionaly rebuilt only for something else to go wrong with it. The last one made was 05, so the newest one is already 6 years old. But being an ulta 150 owner you know all that, anybody know where there is a 150 for sale in the crate ???????????? Anyway, I had the 150, 250 and now 300, the 250 handled big water and chop so well it was on the verge of boring, the 300 solved a lot of the boring with more speed, snappier handling and although doesn't handle as well as the 250 is still ~ 5mph faster stock.

    The 150 actually took skill and talent to ride in the rough, coming from a motocross backround I loved to see how far I could push the 150 in 3-4 foot wind blow swells on the river, they beat you up, but it was FUN. If you ride lakes and like to jump a 250/260/300 probably isn't for you, if you want an arm wrenching hole shot, fastest stock top end ski that is somewhat playful and ride in choppy / rough waters where you don't want to get beat up than the 300 is for you.

    Not that you couldnt get hurt or break your neck on any ski, but a friend of mine is considering a new ski and I couldn't in good faith reccomend a yamaha, sure they may be better on gas and may have a better reliability record but they seem to have design problems. Even the FZ series of ski are 100% safe in stock form.

    Anyway, hopes this helps, given the choice I would buy a brand new 150 for jumping and playing and have the 300 for the couch / relaxing days.

    One other thing, a 70mph 150 wont come anywhere near those speeds except on relatively flat / glass water, the 300 will do 70 all day long in glass and choppy conditions. The 300 is hands down the fastest best handling rough water ski, if thats your deal.

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    Hi, Spooling! I've seen you over at the other place. I've got the same thoughts as you, I love my Ultra 150 and love to ride it in choppy water. Every time I walk into the dealer and look at the barges, I wonder how they could possibly be fun. I took mine out for the first (and last) time for this year this past weekend. It sure felt good to ride it and it almost tossed me 'cause I just wasn't holding on good enough. I'm gonna keep running it as long as I can.

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