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    Who else has Nextel w/2 way?

    The 2 way will save alot of $$$$ if we use this.Not sure how far away we can go.I will have to look at my coverage area i guess.

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    watch nationwide cause it costs the same nextel in florida sux was good in Ohio.

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    Nextel in southern Ohio sucks.

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    We have Telus Mike up here which is the same as Nextel. I can two way with any Nextel user. It is a great system and has great coverage in my area.

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    I have a company phone by Verision It works great everywhere so far (I have had it for 3 years) My wife has a company Nextel Blackberry and IT SUCKS we never get a clean call it always drops the calls which is a good thing when she is bothering me . Our experence with Nextel is not a good one. They should have taken that moeny they spend sponcering Nascar and upgraded there towers.....

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    nextel sucks in MI when it works i can 2way to N.C. with out any problem
    i also have nationwide 2way on my plan have not seen extra charges on my bill

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    We use nextel 2 way here in MI on my company phone all the time. Nextel tends to suck but they are getting better and have merged with Sprint. I can 2 way all across the country, really quite amazing. Nextel has issues though, like your phone not ringing but all of sudden you have voice mails and then other times your voice mails may take a couple of days to arrive. Gotta love it.

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    Grand pappy..........waz up.

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    I hate the walkie talkie feature on nextel phones when people talk on it in restaurants and public. It's so f'-in annoying to have to hear someone's conversation whether you want to or not.

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    I was out in calif 2 waying to my wife in fla no problem lately they have been sucking

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