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    Cleaning out the garage, Polaris pack rat lost his job.

    Hi I have quite a few parts from years of "hoarding" I just lost my job so it is time to move on from these parts. I have pictures for everything just send me a pm or better send an email to [email protected]. I dont check the forums too much but not that I am not busy I just might All prices are SHIPPED to the 48, will ship international but have to figure out how! Lastly,the only Polaris I have left is a 785 pro that I am restoring with the money from these parts. Would gladly trade parts for the pro parts.

    Here is a list of parts

    95 SLT 750 parts

    Fuel sender 10 shipped
    Reverse cable with handle 55
    Start switch 30$
    6 wire MFD harness 20$
    Fuel switch wo reserve 30
    Glove box cover 30
    Ride plate short pump 15
    Ride plate long pump has a crack on it but should not affect anything 30$
    Battery box with cover 25
    rear exhaust crossover pipe 25
    reverse handle 20
    storage latch 20
    fuel cap assy 30
    seat latch 10
    throttle cable 30
    engine mounts with shims 7$ for one and 5$ for each add, have at least 8
    drive shaft bearing coupler 25
    plastic bow eye 5
    rear grab bar purple 55
    pump shoe 10
    reverse bucket 30
    fuel level sender the old one with float 55
    750 water manifold 15
    lanyard switch 15
    drive shaft bearing coupler needs grease fitting 15
    Fuji engine oil pump 10
    Exhaust outlet aluminum 10
    purple corner guards faded on top 20$ each or both for 35
    FUJI engine parts STATOR 80, flywheel 40, bendix 25, crank bolt 5
    Single outlet fuel pump 20
    Fuel water separator 20

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    I have about 6 more boxes of parts from Polaris skis just shot me a pm on what you need here is a list of the skis I have owned and tore down.
    1992 SL 750, 1997 SL 780, 97 SLT 700, 97 SL 1050, 96 SL 900

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    Anyone? If the prices are high let me know. Also they are priced SHIPPED which is good I think. The SLT fuel level sender is 25$ shipped

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    Hi do you have a 97 polaris slt h 95 horse power pwc gas tank? I am in need of one. Thanks!

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    Looking for a the fuel cap and filler neck on the 95 slt750...

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    Hi - looking for an ignition coil for a 96 1050 - late model

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    gas cap and hose. I have the cap assy with fuel hose for 35 shipped. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ross View Post
    Hi - looking for an ignition coil for a 96 1050 - late model
    Sorry the only thing I have is a full box with updated cdi. If you are interested in this let me know.

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