Hi I lost my job and just cleaning the garage out. Hopefully these parts will find a good home and keep the ole' pol's running. I have a pictures just shot me an email.

Domestic engine parts
900 cylinders 74-2R #3201007
74mm needs light hone x2 85$ or both for 165 shipped
74.2mm needs a good hone 55 shipped
74.66 needs a hone 65$ shipped
You can have all 4 for 250 shipped

Fuji cylinders
750 70.07mm needs light hone 100 shipped
780 71.12mm light hone 100 shipped

Core cylinders, need a rebore
900 30$ shipped
750 fuji 30$ shipped x3
780 fuji needs sleeve 20$

Fuji heads
750 x3 20$ each or all 3 for 60$ shipped
CORE ate a ring 750 "useable" heads x3 10each shipped or all 3 for 15
CORE 780 head ring damage x1 10$ Shipped

1050 bottom end been sitting for about 8 years in my garage. HEAVY 200$ shipped