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    Cool Long hose under the gas tank.....and other boggin out issues

    Well my baby has been running good thus far , took it out to the lake this weekend topped at 47 running like a champ asked someone to race and as soon as I hit the acc it started boggin out then it didnt want to go past 30.....Did a compression check they all tested 100-110 (thought that was good ) well when I started looking under the gas tank there was a hose just loose real long too.....cleaned out the carb with some cleaner redid the gasket and wondering if anyone has any other Ideas......Thanks
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    Could be a return line from the tank, a speedo pickup tube hose that goes to the MFD ,or a battery vent.. or some junk leftover from a rebuild,,

    what color is it? is it small diameter clear hose or thicker black hose?

    did you suck weeds in the pump to slow you down? plug wire loose? anything wrapped around the prop? any updates done to this ski or rebuilds?

    carb might of got plugged. hows your piston wash?

    this a sl750 were assuming right?

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