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    Triple Piped Ultra "PART OUT"!!!

    [2000 ULTRA 150

    - Factory Triple pipe SOLD
    ** will include all couplers, hoses, bypass fittings hardware and everything
    that you would need to bolt it up to your motor!!!

    - Factory Triple Pipe CDI SOLD
    ** In perfect condition!!!

    - LAMY 48mm Carbs.(custom spigot) w/pump,linkages, t-adjusters $1000
    & spigot mounts

    ** Bought from a local racer that got them custom built for him!!!
    Runs perfect!!!!!

    - Novi external pump carb manifolds 3X $75
    ** Was on the Lamy 48mm Carbs, but desided to go with internal pumps!!!

    - 3X ProK Filters w/ outer wears pri-filters (purple) SOLD
    ** Brand new - just fit tested on the motor

    - Stock starter $100
    ** has only 10hrs on it!!!

    - R&D Spigot Carb.Manifold SOLD
    ** discontiued and will be hard to find!!!

    - SKIWORZ fuel kit reeds spacers SOLD
    ** will save time and money drilling and tapping your case for pulse lines!!!

    - V-Force Delt 2 Reeds and Cages SOLD

    ** Only has 10 hours on them!!!

    - Modded ADA Head 42cc Domes $250
    ** I was cut to make 3 heads, insted of 1 for better sealing!!!

    - ADA triple pick up $70
    ** Very rare to find these days!!!

    - 1200cc motor w/ ProX Pistons and rings, stock heads $950
    ** About 10hrs or Less on the rebuild!!!
    Came out of a 78mph ski!!!

    - Pump was blue printed and shimmed by impros w/ 17/21 solas prop $420
    ** Will include stock steering nozzel

    - Solas 16/20 prop $180
    ** trued and just tunned

    - R&D extended steering nozzel SOLD
    ** Brand New - never installed!!!

    - Shredmaster Ride Plate SOLD
    ** Great condition - rare to find these days!!!

    - Beach house sponsons W/ hardware $100
    ** Great shape!!!

    - R&D sponsons $40
    ** missing one mount and no hard ware

    - Drop Trim Lever and Custom Cable for an ultra SOLD

    - Kawasaki original factory cover (RED) $70
    ** In great shape

    - Tiny tach. $40

    - Rentals Handle Bars SOLD

    - 2x Duck Bills (manifolds only) $60 for both
    ** A MUST for all Skis!!!

    - Custom Fuel Gauge kit w/sending unit $90
    ** This kit was put together for me because I still wanted a fuel gauge and use a triple pick up at the same time.

    If you want stock hull parts (bumpers, hood, hood shock, brackets, grab handles, mirrors, bucket w/extinguisher,
    and or the whole hull, please, pm me and I will work with you on the prices!!!!

    I am parting out a Fast Running Ski, and these are the parts that I am getting alot of PMs about!!!!
    I will Work with the Buyers on the shipping and Fees!!!! If you need Pics, let me know which part and I can
    get them for you!!!! I will keep contact will the buyers and I will ship out as soon as buyer pays!!!!!
    Please, do not call dips on parts until you pay for them and any lowball offers will be

    If you need anything else or have questions, feel free to Pm, text or call (18185723792) me or Even stop by!!!


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by camcama View Post
    2000 ULTRA 150
    - 3X ProK Filters w/ outer wears pri-filters (purple) $100
    ** Brand new - just fit tested on the motor
    - SKIWORZ fuel kit reeds spacers $150
    ** will save time and money drilling and tapping your case for pulse lines!!!
    - V-Force Delt 2 Reeds and Cages $160
    - ADA triple pick up $70
    ** Very rare to find these days!!!
    - R&D sponsons $40
    ** missing one mount and no hard ware
    - Tiny tach. $40
    No rush, but can I get pictures of the above? I will PM you my email address. Thank you.

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    Just updated the 1st post with what sold and also added more parts!!! I also still have a complete hull in great condition, so if someone needs a hull w/all the body parts please, call
    me and we can work a price out!!!! Also, Thanks to all of the people that looked, pmed, and have bought from me!!!


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    Still have the beach houses?

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    thanks for looking out!

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    PM sent on solas 16/20

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    PM sent on the engine.

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    was wondering about your custom fuel gauge with sending unit? Is it another gauge that mounts to the ski? Mine is bad so I'm looking for a fix. Thanks

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    PM sent

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    Do you still have complete motor?

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