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    Question Prop for wave Raider ??

    I would like to buy a new prop for my ski ,, But there are too many to choose from?
    I have 1 raider stock and one modded a bit??
    nujet or solas???
    any suggestions?!

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    For a 1100 Solas YD SC XO for both but pitch them to suit.

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    1+ what he said...thou the XO is considered a modifyed ski impeller in its stock pitch, you can have it bent for use in a basic stock ski and then have rebent as you add mods to your ski !!!!

    ISLAND can set you up, Carls done a Great job on a few of mine....
    IMPRO's is another that can also set you up as well..

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    is it 155 or 144MM?

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