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    Sluggish polaris genesis i at take off

    Hi....I've been watching my 2003 polaris Genesis I this has had a problem at full speed take starts out sluggish then all of a sudden it kicks in and runs great....what is the problem at take off????fuel injection???spark plugs???gasoline???
    Thanks of the help....Ron

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    So it runs fine otherwise, just the hesitation when taking off? It sounds like you have a TPS going bad to me. Correct spark plugs installed? I would seem to think your fuel pressure is fine if it will run wide open but you could check it just to make sure. You should get at least 20 psi at the schrader valve.

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    Thank you...I know nothing about jetskis...what is TPS? and I did put in new spark plugs and looked on line for the correct ones....Its like not all cylinder are firing at take will finally kick in once it gets going....could it be a plug? or fuel injections problem???

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    The TPS (throttle position sensor) is located toward the rear of the ski on the end of the throttle body assembly, right hand side of the engine as you are sitting on the ski. If the TPS is going bad it can cause a lot of weired running problems. The spark plugs have to be correct or it can cause issues. They should be NGK PZFR6H no substitutes. More information can be found here Lots of good reading there and resources

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