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    1996 SLT 780 Top End on 1995 SL750 help

    Need some advice, should I use 780 carbs with my hybrid. Wondering what all I should switch from 780 to 750, if I use 750 carbs what should they be set at. Any help would be appreciated! Sorry for not using any questions marks, my button is set to …, I can`t switch it

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    If you have a carb rack off a 780 that would be preferable for 3 primary reasons.
    1) The 780 carb rack will already be jetted for 780 cylinders
    2) The 780 rack is plumbed for a 3-outlet fuel pump and the restrictor is built into the outlet nipple on the MAG carb
    3) The 780 carbs have the oil inlet built into them.

    750 and 780 carbs are both Mikuni 38mm bodies. You can rejet 750 carbs and they will work just fine on a 780 top end. But, the list I gave above makes the 780 version a better choice. Like I said, if you have 780 carbs on hand use those. But, if you have 750 carbs, you can use those just fine. Don't spend the money to buy a 780 rack just for this purpose. You can call John Zigler and he has the correct jets for the 780 and you will also want to completely rebuild the carbs while you're at it. Even if you bought a 780 rack from someone I would still strongly recommend a complete carb rebuild. That component is vital to a healthy, long-lasting engine....I wouldn't trust anyone's word that "these carbs are pristine". If I bought used carbs I'd personally go through them to verify they are okay.


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    I did this same conversion, I used the original 750 carbs went through them well, are you also using the 780 flame arrestor/airbox? If so the combo that worked the best for me is using 107.5 main jets & 77.5 pilots, the low speed screws turned out 1/2 in addition to factory settings, the high speed screws turned out 1/4 more than factory setting. I'm still fine tuning. Had a low end bog with 105 mains, with 107.5 it nearly gone & yesterdays test outside temp & water temp both 20 degress cooler than last test with 105s. Should be right on when its 75*, won't know till next season now. Winterizing this weekend.

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    Noooo!!! Winterizing!!!! Aaarrgggg!!!!

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