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    having trouble keeping ski running

    i have a 2001 gpr lowell tripple pipe....the ski just started shutting of but then after sitting a couple min would start again run for awhile then do it again. then on the trailor it started back firing and shutting down. i took it out again and the power valves wouldnt open and it shut down again and wouldnt start. it would turn over but not start just spit and care on. i have a advent ignition and thought maybe it was that so i sent it back and they tell me its fine so im really stumped on what it could be..they mention something about the sensor on the fly wheel being dirty. hoping you guys could give me some help with this please. Thanks John Robertson 7176881764

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    Check your powervalve and see if you can move them by hand. Also check compression.

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    check your flywheel and timing circuit.

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