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Thread: Test CDI

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    Test CDI

    I have a 95 SL 650 STD. I haved used the manuals and tested all electrical and all is good.

    The motor turns over strong with the brand new battery but the plugs will not fire. I even tested that there is no voltage coming out the CDI to the three coils going to the spark plugs.

    The manuals have no test for the CDI unit itself.

    My best elimination is the CDI unit is not working or defective.

    Any one have any way to verify the CDI unit is defective?

    Any one ever had a CDI Rebuilt and by whom?


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    You said you tested all electrical but just askin anyway - I am sure you have verified that the kill switch is working properly with key inserted......

    Also check all grounding including box cover to cover....

    I do not know about rebuilding a CDI...

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    Yes I did those tests several times,



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    No test for the CDI

    No CDI rebuilder that I've ever read about.

    Only way is to test your ski with a "known" good CDI, or install yours into a good running ski.

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