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    Jet Mate motor upgrade

    I have a 650 Kawasaki JetMate with a 650 motor.
    I have access to a good 750 dual carb motor.
    What are the problems I will experience with this upgrade, or will everything just bolt up?
    How about 650 electronics, will they work with the 750?
    Thanks for advice.

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    I am thinking about installing a 1100 in JetMate.
    I am guessing that 650 electronic should work on the 750.
    But you should use the 750 impeller.

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    I've heard those things are making a comeback of sorts. Putting an 1100 in one? That would be a wild ride! How do those things do jumping waves?

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    May jump a wave, but you could castrate yourself on the joystick

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