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    99 slx timing reset?

    i just bought a slx not running and updated the stator and cdi, cleaned the tank, changed all the hoses, and rebuilt all three carbs and its only turning 5100 should be 6400-6500 in the water. i was told that i need to reset the timing can anyone point me in the right direction.

    thanks jacob

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    Lots of helpfull info-dig around for a service manual to explain the timing.

    The 1050 will turn 5100rpm's running on 2 cylinders, are you sure it's running on 3 ?
    Double check all your wiring connections.

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    ok ran it for a lil bit took front plug wire off barely hurd a difference, put it back on. took middle plug wire off barely hurd a difference, put it back on, took back plug wire off hurd a big difference. then took off all plug wires except front cranked right up ran on front cylinder, took all wires off except the middle wire and it cranked up and ran just on middle, then took all wires off except the back one and it ran just on the back cylinder again so im guessing its running on all cylinders just something to do with the timing....

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