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    Carb rebuilding/winter tips

    Is rebuilding the carbs a good idea or just a step some people take.
    And if theres any other maintence to do over the 2 months that its gonna be sitting in the winter time, what would you guys do


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    From what I have read. Full tank fuel plus ethanol stabal at last tank to get it in carbs lines ect. Fog it well. RV anti freeze per models instructions. Seat open some for air circulation . Read if outside keep out of morning sun.I don't think rebuilding every year is necessarily as long as nothing is breaking down clogging carb screens. Maybe every three. If the diaphragms are getting hard it's past time.
    Some places might require mice repellent. From the damage i saw at my nephews bike shop I'm going to use some. "Honda scooter cooked wiring harness and computer"

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    sweet thanks bro!

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