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    Gprsho intake grate, which one for a seadoo pump set up?

    Hey guys, have a question. What we have here is a gpRsho that just got a seadoo pump installed. It it currently running a gp800 intake grate, since the pumps now bigger, what would be te best intAke grate for the ski? Or will the gp800 intake grate be fine?

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    800 grate will cavitate big time, use a 1200 style if chasing holeshot BUT have cracked 2 at 90+ so best package is a modded stainless 800 grate i think..... safety first, heaps of grate related failures lately with people getting hurt...

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    Now your scaring me... Lol what is the safest?? I got two conversions in the build and both well over the 90mph mark.. What causes there intake grates braking??

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    Get a Stainless Steel intake grate.

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