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    GP800R wont start just hear a clicking noise.

    Ok well it has now got to the point where the jetski wont start at all i just here a clicking noise when i push the button and the display doesnt come on. I am a total newbie. Here is the story.

    Purchased last month
    -first time out was 100%
    -second time out failed to turn over a few times when we pushed the starter button didnt even attempt to with no clicking noise.
    -3rd time same as above only more common
    -4th time same as above only couldnt get it started again at all and clicking started.

    --Removed the battery and charged it, refitted and connected and on pushing the button doesnt turn over just click and display doesnt light up
    --Tested using car battery and jumping the ski with the same out come.
    -Checked for faulty earth

    Any advice welcome also would be great if you could tell how to test if it is a fault you suggested.


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    First thing find the wire going to the starter that is located under the port side of the ski under the exhaust manifold then put a tester or meter of some kind on the starter wire that is bolted to the starter then push the start button. if the tester reads voltage you have starter issues and will need to pull the starter. if pushing the start button and no voltage to the starter wire you have starter relay problem. the clicking noise is the relay trying to close the circuit from the battery to the starter. The relay is in the electrical box near the rear of the ski you will need to pull the box off and remove the cover to replace the relay if it is bad.
    Hope this helps

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    Thanks have taken a note of this and will check it out tomorrow all being well, I have been reading a bit about a faulty solenoids (relays and solenoids are the same thing arent they?)
    Anyway i read that i could try bypassing the solenoid/ jumping it by attching a wire and touching it between the cables to spin the starter motor, is this recommended to test for this fault?
    Thanks Again

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    Ok so spent severl hours today working on the jetski..
    -Tested the battery
    -Removed the electrical box and checked the fuse
    -Bypassed the relay with cable and the jetski still didnt start
    -Connected earth via negative battery terminal to head bolt just incase was a faulty earth.

    I did note that the one time it did do anything other than click i heard like a grinding noise.
    So i presume it may be the starter motor.... but i have no idea how to remove it or get at it as it seems very awkward.

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    Sounds like the starter and yes its a little hard to get to but doable. you will need a 10mm socket to remove the starter wire first then a 12mm socket to remove the 2 mounting bolts on the rear of the starter then a good screw driver or small flat pry bar to slide the starter out of the case. you will have to work it out it is a tight fit. the easiest way for me is to stand on the starboard side of the ski and go around the front of the motor with right hand and over the rear of the motor with the left hand. and if you have a air ratchet it is a lot easier. hope this helps

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    Had another look at the ski and went to a mates and started swapping bits out of his working ski. We are now 90% sure that it is a faulty relay causing the issue as once bypassed properly the engine attempts to turn over. So now need to source a relay hopefully this is the issue.

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