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    need a 07 harness...

    had a little fire..i need a 07 harness..

    the whole thing if parting one out ..if the pricing is right ..cant hurt to have it around..think i really just need the engine harness..will know more tomarrow..

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    06+ to 2011 engine harness are the same
    Except is models

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    Quote Originally Posted by boBO View Post
    06+ to 2011 engine harness are the same
    Except is models
    06 will not work on a 07

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    06 and up engine harness is the same like Bobo says. I have a couple Breon if you shoot me a PM.

    Main harness for 07 is only 07. If you go 08 and up the fuel pump and volt reg are different and ealier uses MPEM. Also you will need one for RXP to keep VTS. That harness will be harder to find.

    An 08 to11 main P or X will work but you will new style fuel pump or modify harness with your old plug and will need 08 and up volt regulater which are pretty easy to come by.

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