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Thread: water ingestion

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    water ingestion

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    Can I get some help with my 2003 Kawasaki? I had a problem last time out where the ski wouldn't idle and wasn't able to go over 6500 rpm's and it would misfire.What should i look for to repair this?



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    What about water ingestion? Looks like the middle fuel injector is plugged or something.

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    the number two plug was the wettest at of all of them. numberer one and three black and sooty. that was my next question can an open injector cause. I had a front seal failure as well.

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    possible emm problem any time a ficth ski refuses to idle, the emm is the number on suspect followed by use of improper spark plugs

    Of course a seal failure is going to muddy the water a bit

    not all emm problems will illuminate the warning lamp

    plenty of stuff on this topic here welcome aboard

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    The way the Ficht injectors work I dont think there is a way for them to stick open. Fuel from the electric pump runs in a continuous loop at only about 25 psi through the injectors and is used to keep them cool. The injector itself produces all the fuel pressure to inject the gas. Short of the nozzle actually falling out of the injector I dont think the 25 psi in the line is nearly enough to push the fuel through the nozzle.

    I just finished a complete rebuild on a DI engine and dont see anything mechanically wrong in the photos you posted. I would say you have either an ignition issue or a computer malfunction.

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    leaky injector

    very rare, but possible due to the "shotgun" nature of a Fitch injector, I wouldn't waste any time on that. If it does turn out to be a bad injector, you aren't going to like the replacement cost, or procedure. Beware removing the injectors from the head or "dry firing them" once they are off the head. Simply put "don't try that"

    Nearly every repair I've done on these types of motors has been an emm , couple of stators here and there ( easily diagnosed) and a bad capacitor or two. The last Di that came thru here had a new problem, but it turned out to be the emm. Only would start if one of the injectors was disconnected. everything "checked out"..but the fuel pump wasn't starting when the engine was cranked. emm fault and a apology to the neighbors ( this ski must have had a pint of injection oil in the crankcase from a couple of the other shops trying to "fix it".

    When I finally did get it started it blue(sic) out a long vapor trail to the point where one of my neighbors called and asked if I was testing a rocket motor.

    you'll find more then enough info here to do a decent job narrowing this down with your basic tools such as a good digital voltmeter and good reference material.

    once you are sure all the basics are good and you're still having problems, send the emm off to our friends at dfi for a repair.

    The most painful part of it ( besides the cost) is pulling the emm out of it's hole. Bring gloves and bandaids to the fight.

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    Thanks, I've installed three EMM's in the past, i find it easer to remove the storage bin just below the handlebars. At the moment I have the engine torn down to replace the crank seals and shaft. I will start ohming every thing out when i get a chance. Also the last time I was out the check engine light came on, when I returned back home I pulled the codes crankshaft sensor fault. When I removed the CPS, there was air pressure build up in the stator housing. Thats why i'm replacing the crank seals, The problem could be a simple as that. I also ohmed the CPS and was in limits.


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