please help!!
i have a 1987 kaw. sx 650 that will not stay running.. i bought it from a guy who had it professionally rebuilt and added a performance upgrade...he put a new minkui super b 44mm,pipe and a new stator... it ran great for 1/2 the season but now wont stay running.. ive tried evereything!!gas,plugs,dirty carb,fuel lines, i finally figured out that it had to be that the carb needed to be it got a rebuild kit and installed that but still will start until it looses its has a priming bulb which works but, when that gas runs out the motor stalls everytime..i have vacume pressure from crank and the motor is in perfect condition. im out of guesses!!! anybody know the specs on the carb?low,high,air...anybody else have this problem? its seems like it has to be a problem with carb!!!! seems like a simple problem but hothing has panned out. any tips,clues,specs?? ant info would be greatly appreciated!!!!
thank you for your time!!!
sw mich...