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    Just wanted to say thanks to those persons who take time out of their busy days to assist people on this forum. At the end of the day its not mandatory like a pit stop for most its a hobby n not a lively hood but you guys still take the time out to assist us. I know they're countless numbers of 'gurus' responding to a ton of mail each day not to mention phone calls but just wanted to say thanks on behalf of people like me who really appreciate the help

    PS. I'm not trying to be a suck up, just wanted to voice my appreciation

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    This place is great. I could not have attained the speeds I have seen without Greenhulk. There have been tons of people that have helped without even knowing.
    Not to metion all the new friends I have made.

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    I totally agree.. I owe everything I have learned and done to the Greenhulk forums. I may not post much. But I love all the builds and ideas of everybody. There is alot of talent on these forums. The SEARCH button has been my friend. I do PM a few people and you know who you are. the turbo builds always intrigued me. nicks build last winter, jasons build in the spring, anthonys and boosted3s. So when I had a touchdown on my rude 3. I knew it was time to build the turbo. Greenhulk has created another monster.
    Thanks to everybody on these forums.

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    Indeed. This forum is awesome! Saved me a chit ton in labour by helping me do all the work on my ski myself.

    Especially a big thanks to Jerry, as although I am sure he is a very busy man, he has always replied to my PMs and helped me out no matter how stupid the questions I was asking were


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