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    How do I know if my VTS is 'Level'

    So my VTS is broken (1997 SPX800). I don't know if it's the motor or something else, the buttons for the VTS on the handlebar don't push in (not even sure what they're supposed to feel like, you can't push them at all though, not sure if that's normal and its more of a touch rather than a push or what).

    Anyway, I feel like the spot the VTS is currently stopped in is off slightly - when I watch someone else ride the ski it looks like its tilting back a bit which is probably causing the top speed to be a couple mph off is my guess. When I LOOK at the nozzle on the back on the trailer, it looks like it's perfectly level. Is there any way to measure something to determine exactly where 'level' is, or should I just adjust it to point down a bit more than it currently does hoping that will 'level it off'?

    Alternatively if anyone has any input on the VTS buttons on the handlebar and how they're supposed to depress or feel that would be good - might look into trying to fix the system this winter but am not even sure where to start. I took the VTS cover off and the motor is pretty rusty looking.

    Edit: None of the gauges work either so I can't see where the ski "thinks" the VTS is actually at - not sure how to go about fixing the gauges either but might look into that this winter also.

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    if it looks "level" from eyeballing it, then its pretty level, i set mine to just above level and forget it...
    as far as how the button "feels" actually I "feel" nothing, just "see" the vts move up down.
    you might hear it, barely, if its real quiet.
    you can possibly override it and reset it to where you want by running voltage to it but if its within 95% of level, i'd leave it alone.

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    Thanks. In terms of feeling the button I meant the button itself - if I push it with my finger it doesn't move, at all. Almost like it's just a solid piece of metal or 'fake'. Is the up and down arrow on the button supposed to press in at all? It seems like the switch on the handlebar is simply locked in place.

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    i definitely feel it "depress" if that's that doesn't feel solid...

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    Gotcha, well then something is definitely wrong with my switch on the handlebar because pushing up or down doesn't even move the switch, at all.

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    A good way to get the nozzle level is to use a oversize Carpenters square. Use the ride plate as a horizontal line and square off the nozzle. Or a angle finder tool and some basic math.

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    I have a VTS box that I could sell you. Let me know if interested. Cheapest you'll find

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